Your Photo

This is the photo you took. You will see the transformation of your photo into the background. I have created. To do this we must tile the photograph so it looks like all one solid background. Where the edges blend directly into the next tile.

Tileing the photograph

I used Paint Shop Pro to do the tiling. On the right section of this photo under Seamless Tiling. Look at the crosshair. You can manually move that to any position within that picture. It affects the outcome of your tile. The left portion of this photograph shows what the tile will look like. It totally depends upon the original photograph.

This is now what my tile looks like.

Adjusting The Transparency

Looking at this photograph. You must slide the slider bar where it says 100 to the left, around 50% transparency. That is done so your text will show up clearly on top of the background. Depending on your photograph. You may have to use something other than black.

For this background. I did do some more manipulation of the photograph to end up with a more pleasing background.

It is all about experimenting. Be sure to save your work as you go along. Or copy your work and paste as a new image.

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