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Learn how to create your own backgrounds from your own photos. Or photos that you find on the Internet. CLICK HERE

Feel free to download all of the backgrounds you want.

Be sure to save each individual background by your own unique numbering system or by name. Otherwise you may be overwriting a previous background which you had saved in a separate folder.

If you would like to see what a background would look like on your WebPages. Follow the instructions below.
Remember that you must edit each webpage you create.
#1 - Open your new notepad inside of the folder where you have your background photos.

#2 - Type in the line below exactly as you see this... Or you may just copy and paste it into your notepad.

<body background="20.jpg">
Notice the name of the file is 20.jpg and it is inside the quotes. Lets assume you wanted the following background ( 26.jpg ) you would make it like the next example
<body background="26.jpg">

#3 - Save this file using your background instead of the one I have as a example. Click on FILE - SAVE AS. and save the file into the same folder as your backgrounds are. Save as SAMPLE BACKGROUND.HTML or what ever you choose to name your test page.
If your using INTERNET EXPLORE. you will find a blue e in the folder with the name of the page you just created.

#4 - Double click on the FILE you just created to view the page as you would see it without any text or pictures on the page.

Rather than creating a brandnew SAMPLE WEBPAGE. while viewing the sample background.
#1 - Click on FILE - EIDT WITH NOTEPAD, and you will once again see your TEXT DOUCUMENT. Just edit the name of the next file you want to see. If you're going to test several backgrounds at a time. Leave your first notepad open. And simply added it. Save it. Refresh your webpage.

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