Broccoli, and Rice Dinner

1 head of broccoli for each chicken breast.
1 can of cream of Mushroom Soup for each chicken breast.
1/2 of a can of water per can of cream of chicken.
1 Chicken Breast.
RICE As much as your family will eat (see notes below).

Cut the chicken up into bite-size pieces and cook it in a pan with some crushed garlic or seasonings that you like.

Start cooking the broccoli in a different Pam, then when the chicken is cooked. Add the cream of chicken soup and water until it is hot.

NOTE: while the chicken and broccoli are cooking. Cook as much rice as your family will be able to eat.

When the broccoli is done, add it to the chicken and soup mixture. You can put shredded cheese on top. If you want. This is a really easy and fun dinner to play with and change things to the way you want it to taste.

NOTE: 3-4 chicken breasts, 3 heads broccoli, 3 cans mushroom soup. 1-1/2 cans water, 2 cups uncooked rice. This will feed 5 adults and 3 or 4 children.

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