Here you will find some photos of my grandkids.
I will try to update this page with new photographs.

Photo Animation of Sarah, Cynthia              Photo of Sarah Cinthia and Michael

The left picture is of me and my wife along with our Grandkids, Sarah (Blond), Cynthia, And the baby shot is Michael and the last shot is me and Michael.
The right picture is of me and Michael, me and Sarah and a picture of Cynthia.

Kayla Sept. 2005

        Just check out my big smile and don't forget my teeth. I have 4 already.

Kayla 12-14-04

        Kayla's First photos at home

Kayla LaRue, Born 11-19-04

        Kayla's first Baby Photo.
I arived by C section at 9:07 after 18 hours of labor.
I weighed 7 lb. 14.8 oz. and am 20 & 1/2" tall.
My Dr said i am in perfect health.
Click my picture to see a full size 5 x 7" printable photo!!!


        This is Michael at his 4th birthday party.


        Cynthia Just got her second belt in Tae-Kwon-Doe (Jan 2003)

Cynthia & Michael

        Cynthia and Michael's birthday party. Cinthia just turned 8, And Michael just turned 4.


        Sarah was 8 years old in this photo, She is now 10 years old.

Grandpa, Cynthia and Sarah.

        Are we having fun yet.