School House 1984

This photograph was taken while on vacation in July 1984. The building is still much the same as it was when I went to school. The swing pole are the same ones I used to use. The porch had been replaced and the building repainted. My cousin and his family lives there now. They added dividers in the classroom and in the basement. I believe they also have added a modern bathroom. The Quonset hut on the right side of the picture is where the old schoolhouse used to stand that my mother attended as a child. The teacher's cottage was still standing further to the south that it was crumbling due to heavy snow cover.

One of my fondest memories while attending school was the time all of the students went up in the attic of the old schoolhouse, then being used as the cold shed, to collect bats then we would turn them loose in the classroom. The teacher, Mrs. Blackburn took some rulers that she had taken from students and cut it to pieces. While screaming, get it out of here before it makes a nest in my hair.