Field Trip

Jalama Beach Late 1980s

           This field trip was to collect petrified whalebone at Jalama Beach. About 200 miles northwest of Los Angeles. I am holding a piece of shale collected from the cliffs above the ocean near the campsite. If you look close you can see a fossilized fern. The circular object, I believe it is a net sinker made to hold fishing nets by early Chinese

Gold Trip To The California, San Gabriel Mountains

           If you notice in this photo you will see, I am leaning forward slightly. That is because I have close to 65 pounds of weight on my back. Me and my friend used to run up the river about 2 miles and walked 2 miles making it at least 4 miles up the river where we dug for gold. Usually we packed our sleeping bag if we were staying overnight. Then after two days we had that long walk back carry in the added weight of the gold bearing black sand, which is called the concentrate.

Gold Trip To The California, San Gabriel Mountains

           here you find me carrying my sluice box and equipment back after two days digging for gold in the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. The return trip usually weighs more due to the concentrates, (gravel and sand) that I take home to pan out at my leisure. I found some flakes and small nuggets which I use to create a beautiful ring.