Brian was born in Gardena, California. In August 1970. He had a crooked eye when he was born, we had surgery done to correct this problem. At the age of 18 months, we discovered that he had to wear glasses. He struggled through school, not knowing that he would become legally blind. He did finally graduate from high school.
           He is now living by himself near Portland, Oregon.


           Brenda was born in Hawthorne, California. In October 1974. She graduated high. She has been married and divorced. They have three beautiful children. Cynthia, Michael, David (AKA Bubba)

Brenda November 1993

           this picture was taken in November 1993.

Brenda 1993

           I believe she was preparing to go to a dance.

Brenda 2007

           this photo of Brenda was taken on my birthday June 9, 2007.


           Stacey was born at Torrance California, January 1980, and lives at home. She graduated from high school. She is currently working at Fred Meyer's near Portland, Oregon.

Stacey 2002