Ringo Born March 17 2002

        Hello. Are there any of you cats out there that want to get on the computer and chat?


        Hey, Where is my dinner at?


        That was a great dinner. I think I will kick back and watch some TV before going to bed.


        Well, I have had dinner and watched a great movie on TV. I am ready for bed now, who is going to cover me up?


        Well, Can't you see i am in bed... Please turn off that light.

Fluffy - Born June 2001

        Hello. My name is Fluffy. Wasn't I a cute baby?


        I am all grown up now. And yes, I am potty trained.


        Hello, will you please let me out to play?


        Well if your not going to help me, I guess I will have to figure this out by my self.


        Hello. My name is Stumpy. I am a Seal Hood Female.


        Hello. My name is Cat Nip. I am betting that you don't know how I got my name. Well I will tell you this, I had a near death experience. One of them darn cats my caretakers have tried to eat me. I was lucky but all of my brothers and sisters along with my parents were not so lucky.

I had my leg half amputated, or it would have appeared. And my throat was half ripped out. But the good news is I have healed up nicely.

Stumpy and CatNip

        Hey Stumpy, do you see any of them darn cats?

Stumpy and CatNip

        Hey CatNip, lets jump and run, I don't see them pesky cats anywhere.


        This is our latest addition to the family. His name is Jimmy. I know he loves me as he took right after me. He thinks I am a Shish Ka Bob. I guess he was a bit scared being with strangers. So he bit me when I tried to hold him. OUCH!!
By the way Stacey does not look too sure lol. I may share another picture with you later.

Stay tuned to this webpage as there are more pets to come. Some from the past and you guessed it. Stacey keeps packing more pets home all the time.

I just got her to get rid of the darn rabbits she had by the front door. Pewwwww they stunk. Not to mention the bad fly problem.

She traded them for the Parrot and some Chinchillas.