Creating a Glow Around a Photo

For this tutorial we are going to use one photo and a background.

I am going to crop the photo of Kayla out and place her on the Sunset background. To do this we will use the FREE HAND tool.. Click on the Free Hand tool... then your going to make the settings in your TOOL OPTIONS as seen in the photos below. I used FEATHER 20. Remember the larger number. the more feathering you will have. Or the greater glow around your cropped picture. Please feel free to experiment after you have completed your first project.

Notice the photo below. When feathering you will trace the area you want to crop and transfer. I traced very close to Kayla's picture. Yet the 20 feathering shows the dotted line very far out.

Now your going to click on the top of that photo as seen below. Click on EDIT and COPY. Or you can click on your CTRL key and C key at the same time. then CTRL V keys to past it as a new image.
If it looks good to you. then your ready to paste it to your background.

this is what your photo should look like. Notice the feathering or rather the glow around the photo.

Now your going to paste the cropped photo.
Notice I created a 7-1/2 inch by 10 inch frame size this way I can print and frame it.

When copying from one photo to another background.
You may have to resize one or the other.
I wanted to create a printable photo so it could be framed. So I checked the size of the 7-1/2 inch wide by 10 inch high transparent frame that I created.
I then re-sized the sunset photo to be the same height.
I copied it and pasted it into my transparent frame.
I can now move it to the left or right to get the best background.
Once you have your pictures arranged on your background. Your going to have to Merge them together.

This now completes the tutorial.

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