Be sure to create copies of each step as you make them and keep the originals as your backup that way you don't have to start over from the beginning if you make an error.

Lets start with choosing the Photo that you want to work with.

This is what my Finished photo will look like.

Now lets see what the over lay consists of.
I have taken 3 different backgrounds as you see below

I have created a transparent 7-1/2 inch wide and 10 inches tall.
This is a standard frame size. You will do yours to fit what ever photo frame you have in mind for your photo.
This will become your ( LAYER #1 ) as you see in step #6.

This is the first background I choose to use. It will become my ( LAYER #2 ) as you see in step #6.

This is the second background I choose to use. It will become my ( LAYER #3 ) as you see in step #6.

Once you have created your transparent as seen in step #3.
you will want to copy your first background and paste it over the transparent background you chose in step #3.

Now you have to do the same thing with your second background you created in step #4.

Now your going to make the adjustments as you see in the Photo below.

NOTICE: You make your adjustment by sliding the bar as i have. You can move it between 0 and 100. Once you have the effects you want . Click on LAYERS - MERGE ALL.

Now your going to create another transparent the same size as the one you created in step #3.

Using your PRE SHAPES tool.
Your going to choose the shape you want. I used the circle and created an oval.

NOTE: be sure to choose a color unlike that which is in your backgrounds in step #4 and #5. I chose white.

Now your going to copy the Pre Shape you made and paste it over the background you created in step #6.

Now you must select your magic wand. and make your settings as I have. Remember you may adjust it according to your own taste. Feel free to experiment. that is why I told you at the beginning to keep copies of each step you do as backups.

Now your going to click on your circle. . You will see some ants circling outside the white circle.

Now click your delete button on your keyboard. Or you can click your EDIT & CUT.
Now click on LAYERS - MERGE - VISIBLE.
NOTE: To remove the dancing ants. Click on SELECTIONS - SELECT NONE.

Your now ready for the last steps.

Copy your photo and paste it over a transparent the size you want to use as your final photo.

If the photo is too large. resize it. if it is too small resize it.
Remember if your resizing to a smaller photo. that is good.
Remember if your resizing to a larger photo. you may lose resolution and it may not turn out as good when you print it.
So it is better to start out with a larger photo and size it to a smaller frame size.

Now taking your finished OVERLAY from step #10.
Place it over your photo.
NOTE: you can now move your photo around if you click in the center of your photo. Adjust it to look the way you want it.
NOTE: If you accidentally move the overlay. click on EDIT - UNDO MOVE.

Once you have your photo looking just as you want it to.

Your now ready to print the photo.

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