Having Fun With Paint ShopPro
I believe these examples will work with the latest versons.

Today is November 12th 2017
Here is a chance to get 247, Brand New frames that i have created... Never befor seen except on my Facebook page... I hope somone will find them to be of their likeing. The ZIP FILE is 54.414 KB... You are welcome to copy and use any or all of them... But please let others know where you got them... As they are my copyright material... www.bobbydee.net
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Below you will find ways to create Fancy Backgrunds, Picture Frames, Tubes, Animated Greeting Cards, and Fancy Emails

Creating Faded Edges

Creating Fancy Overlays

Adding Text To An Animation

Adding Animations To A Photo

Creating PSP Ecards

Creating Fancy PSP Frames ( Frame # 1 )

Fancy PSP Frames ( Frame # 3 )

Creating .pfr Frames for PSP

Creating Tubes For PSP 7

Creating Transparent Backgrounds In Animation Shop

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