NOTE: Click on the pictures to see full screen shots for better clearity. Watch for all the color dots!!!

I created a folder on my desktop and placed the photo and animation that i am going to be wroking with.
NOTE: I cropped the photo so the animation will not have a large file size. The larger the file size, the slower the animation will load. See green dot.

This is the photo that I will be working with.

I have opened the photo in PSP and croped the photo as seen below.

Click on File, Jasc Software Products then click on Launch Jasc Animation Shop as seen below.

Now your going to be using Jasc Animation Shop to create your animation.
Click on File, Open, then sellect the Animation your going to be using.

Below you see the file open. Notice you see 3 frames. For my example i will only use the first 2 frames. But you may choose to use all 3 frames. You would just have to create 3 photos of your self as you will see below.
NOTICE: Note that only one frame is highlighted with a blue box as seen by the blue dot.

Click on the animation in the area as seen by the RED dot. Move the animation down near the bottom of the screen.

Click on File, Sellect All. Now you should see all 3 angels have blue around them.

Click on EDIT then click on COPY.

Lets now open Animation Wizard by clicking on File then Animation Wizard.

Click NEXT after you have made your settings.

Click NEXT after you have made your settings.
NOTE: I always choose TRANSPARENT as some photos may have some transparent areas.

Click NEXT after you have made your settings.

Click NEXT after you have made your settings.

In frame #12 your going to click on ADD IMAGE and locate your file.

Once you have located your PHOTO that your going to be using. Doubble click on it or hightlight it and then click on OPEN as seen by the red dots.

Now you have added one photo to the animation.

Click on ADD IMAGE and repeat step #13.
As you see now you have 2 photos for your animation.
NOTE: If your animation has 3 frames, or 6 frames. You do step #13 till you have as many photos added as you have animation frames. I only used 2 for my animation. But i could have used 3 photos.


Notice that only one photo has a blue box around it.
Click in the area you see the red dot and move the animation up so you still see the angel animation below. If your pictures are too large. you may use the magnafying glass you see in the top left. click on the magnifying glass. now click on the photo that is too large or small. left click will make it larger, right click will make them smaller.

Click on EDIT, SELECT ALL. Now you have a blue box around each photo as seen below.

Click on EDIT, PROPAGATE PASTE as seen below.


Put your mouse over the frist frame ( F:1 ) and move your animation to the area on the photo that you want it to apear in your new animation as seen below.

Notice that you have also gotten an angel in the rest of your frames. (if not. perhaps you will have to highlight the animation again and copy it and start over with slecting all of your photos again, propergate paste and then try pasting the animation again.)

Ok now you will want to be sure you have the animation right. Click on VIEW then ANIMATION.
If the animation is not correct. Click on EDIT and UNDO.
Just click on Edit, Paste and place it in another location to suit yourself.

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