Creating Photo Frames

Find the photo you want to use. Remember the photo can't be larger than the frame. and you have to look at my example and get an idea as to how much you will have to shrink the photo to fit the window your going to create.

You should have some idea what your going to create. I have collected dozens of animations and other pictures that have transparent backgrounds.

#2 A
Now find the exact pixel size of your photo by clicking on IMAGE then RESIZE,

Now place a bullet where it says Actual / print size. NOTE: you can see mine is 5" wide and 7" height. Note in the top 2 boxs under the words Pixel Size. you see mine is 360 pixels by 504 pixels.

#2 B
Create a transparent the same size as your photo and then resize it to 98% by clicking on Image, Resize, put a bullet by the Percentage of original and type in 98 in the width window.

#2 C
Now fill the transparent with a color that is not found in the background your going to use.. Sellect your color then click the Flood Fill in your tool bar. We will call this your window.

#3 create a transparent exactly the size of frame your going to put your finished photo in. For this example i will make a 10" wide x 8" high frame.

At this time you want to know if your going to use a solid color for your background or a picture background like the one below.

I am going to use a picture background. your going to have to click on IMAGE, RESIZE. resize it to be just a bit larger than the 10"x8" transparent. then click on copy and paste it as a new layer over the 10"x8" transparent. then your going to merge it as one layer. Click on Layers. Click on Merge All

Now your going to copy and paste the background on the transparent backing. At this time merge them together. You now have a background exactly 10"x8".
NOTE: in the photo you see the background being placed on the transparent.
If you click Paste As New Layer. it will automaticly center the background.

Now take the window you made and place it where your going to want the photo to be. Merge all together as one by clicking on Layers, Merge All, (Flatten).

Create a new transparent exactly 10" x 8",
copy and paste your frame with the color window as a new layer. NOTE: be sure not to move this new layer.

Click on your MAGIC WAND and your going to click on your window as shown below.

Once your window has ants runing around the border. click Delete.
Click on Selections and then Select None. That removed the little ants that you saw around the transparent part. Any time you see a checkerd bord. that means that part is transparent.

I chose to decorate my photo frame with a christmas tree and a fence with a snow man in front of it. Remember. these have to have transparent backgrounds. Be creative.

#10 A Add your decoration one at a time. Right click on the first item. I used the tree first as i wanted it behind the fence. You will copy the item and paste it as a new selection. Now click on the Deformation Tool. As you see you have a box around the item and you can streatch it any direction you want. up or sidewase. you could also rotate it. you streatch it by placing your mouse over any of the 8 little boxes on the edge. the one just off center is used to rotate the picture.

#10 B
Click on the arrow in your tool bar. now we want to add the fence like we did the tree. following step 10 A.

NOTE: you can move the object around to sute yourself. i kept it at the bottom as i don't want to cover my photo.
NOTE: when streatching a picture. It will distort the picture.

Now click on Layers, Merge, Merge Visable. Click Selections, Click Sellect None.

At this point you have finished creating your photo frame.

Click on File, Export, Gif Optimizer. Click enter, if the picture in the right window looks good. then name the file what ever you want to name it like i called mine Christmas10x8.gif

Create another transparent 10"x8" .

#13 copy your photo and paste it as a New Selection. your going to be able to move it around later.

click on your photo frame you compleated and click on Edit and Copy. Now right click on the top of the picture and click on Paste As A New Layer.

Notice the photo is not centered in the window. sellect the Mover in the tool bar. now left click on the photo and move it around till it is centered the way you want it in the window.

Click on Layers. click on Merge, Merge All ( flatten ) Click on Selections, click on Select None.

Now put your photo in a frame. Your photo is compleate. Hang it or send it to your family and friends.