You may make dozens of changes as you work on your photo frames.

Be creative. There is no limit to what you can do.

This tutorial is intended only to give you an IDEA how to make frames. You may wish to have it made with the same colors as the photo. Or you may wish to Use the color option to change the color to contrast with the picture.

NOTE: The background you see is also made from the photo you see below

Have fun and be sure to share the FRAMES with your friends.

Step #1
1 - Choose the Photo your going to use.

2 - Create a 200px X 200px Square Transparent

3 - Copy your picture and paste it into the 200px Square as a new Layer. Now move it around so you see the brightest part of the picture in the square. Now merge the layers.

4 - Your going to want to use QUICK TILE. If you don't have that you may download HERE.
You must add the file to your Plug-ins Folder.

5 - Click on Effects - Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope

6 - Copy what you have and paste it as new image.
7 - Rotate one of the Images 90 degrees

8 - now copy one or the other and past it as a new layer on top of the other Image.

9 - Adjust your layer to 50%, This will now create even corners and sides.

Now your ready to create the center where your photo will end up.

Step #2
1 - Create a 165px X 165px Black Square.

2 - Add a 3px border. your choice of color ( I used White )
3 - Add a 6px border. again your choice of color ( I used Black )

4 - Copy and Paste the black square with the borders on to the 200px Square as a new Layer.
5 - Merge the 2 layers.
6 - Add another border. I used a size 6 white border

7 - Now you have to remove the Center Black Square.
Sellect your Magic Wand.
Click in the Center and Left Click.
Click on Selections - Invert
Now Click Copy and Paste as a new Selection.

If the color is not bright enough you may adjust the color by going to your - Color - Adjust - Brightness/Contrast.
I added about 30 to my contrast to make the colors brighter.

8 - Save your new frame in your Frames folder as a .pfr file
Click on File - Save As - Save as.
Navagate to your C drive - Program Files folder - Jasc Software folder - Frames folder.
Name it what ever you wish to name it so you know it is one you created. I save mine with my name and another like this ( Bobs Jesus Frame.pfr )

Step #3
1 - Now your ready to put that frame to use.
Click on - Image - Picture Frame - Select your frame you just added to the Frames folder.
If your going to add the Bottonize - be sure to pick a color that will go good with your photo. I used the the White and Black buttonize as see in this picture.

2 - I added a special touch to it by clicking on - Effects - 3D Effects - Buttonize.
NOTE: you could have changed the background to match any of the colors in your photo.