Creating And Saving PSP .pfr Frames
Tutorial Created With PSP 7

Designing your own Frames in Paint Shop Pro is quite simple.
Follow these simple instructions to "Create your PHOTO FRAME or TUBE FRAME" .

This tutorial was designed in PSP 7.

Lets start first with creating your FRAME.
NOTE: This frame can be used as a TUBE and a FRAME. I will explain this as we go along.

Capture any photo you choose to work with...
It may be a family photo or even a photo of an animal.

Lets start out with a 7" x 5-1/2" transparent
Copy and paste the photo over the transparent.

Click on Layers - Merge - Merge Visible

Click on Effects - Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope

This is now what your photo may resemble.

Your going to need the Quick Tile Effects ( ) file. This folder must be placed in your PLUGINS folder.

This is what your photo may look like now.

You may wish to adjust the colors for to create a virity.

I like green so i adjust it to this setting.

I added a black border (7) around the solid color i placed over my picture befor removing the center.

Create another 7" x 5-1/2" transparent. Fill that with a color not found in your frame.

Resize your solid color picture to say 90% as i have done. Remember nothing is set in stone.

Click on your solid color picture then click on Edit and Copy. Now Click on the picture your creating the frame from. Click on Edit - Paste - As New Layer.

Now click on Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Now your ready to remove the Solid color part.
Click on your Magic Wand - now click in the middle of the solid square. Your going to see some little ants around the solid square. At this point you want to be sure to remove the color square compleatly by clickong on Selections - Modify - I set mine to say 1 or 2. This will prevent you from leaving a light line where the solid color was. Click ok - Click on Selections - Click on Select None. That removes the ants.

At this point your frame is ready to save both as a TUBE or a FRAME.

NOTE: Now that you have finished creating your frame. It is time to save it in your FRAME and TUBE folders.

Creating a Tube is very easy.
Click on File - Export - Picture Tube... Be sure to name it somthing different than any of the other Tubes you have.
NOTE: The reason I saved this frame as a Tube is because i may want to use it when printing out my 7" x 5-1/2" photo to fit right into a photo frame which i will place on my wall for all to see.

NOTE: The following instructions will explain how to save your FRAME to the FRAME folder.

1. Open the new frame that you have just created. Make sure that it has a transparent background.

2. If you have a frame that does not have a transparent background it is easy to remedy. Click on the Frame to make it active. Go to "Selections/select all." Now go to "Edit/copy."

3. Open a new image the same size as the frame with a transparent background. Go to "Edit/paste/paste as a new layer" and the frame will now be on the transparent background.

4. Go to "Layers/merge/merge visible." You are now ready to save your frame.

5. To "Set-up" your Paint Shop Pro program to receive all of your "Frame Creations" just follow these instructions.

6. Go to "File/
File Format Associations."

7. When the "File Format Associations Options box" pops up, scroll down until you find Paint Shop Pro image with this extension [*.psp].

8. Now click the "Extensions" button and add .pfr.

9. With the Frame that you wish to save open on your PSP Desktop it is very simple to place it in your PSP Frame collection.

10. Go to "File/save as" and browse your PSP folders until you come to the "Frames folder."

11. Scroll down the list in "Save as type" box until you have the "Paint Shop Pro Image [*.psp, *.pfr] highlighted.

12. Type in the "File name" of your new frame with the .pfr extension added. Click on the "save" button and your new frame will be added to the PSP Frames folder.