Select your photo or what ever you want to create as a TUBE.

          Clcik on Colors. DECRESE COLOR DEPTH, Set at 24 bit. Click OK.

          Click on IMAGE RESIZE.

          Put a bullet in ACTUAL / PRINT SIZE. Then write down what the numbers are in the PIXEL SIZE box. Mine says 127 X 127.

          Click on File New. Put a bullet in PIXEL SIZE. Set this to the same size as your first picture and make it Transparent. NOTE: watch the red dots.

          Click on your picture then Click MAGIC WAND in your tool bar, Set TOLERANCE to 7 and FEATHER to 0.
NOTE: You may have to adjust the FEATHER upwards to as much as 3.

          Click on the BACKGROUND of your PHOTO.

          Click on selections and click on invert

          Click on picture and click edit and copy

          Click on TRANSPARENT picture and click PASTE as NEW SELECTION, Now center that picture

          Click Layers and click on merge Visable

          Click on File, Export, Picture Tube

          Now name the TUBE to represent the photo. Click OK.

Now there are several things you can use this application for.

I used it to add pictures to my E-Cards as I make them. Not as a TUBE though.

When using tubes, it is difficult to place them exactly where you want them.

So you can just copy and paste directly into the E-card.